Since the end of the '800s the Ballati family has always been working with wood. The passion for this material has been handed down for 4 generations! From the ancient traditions they have passed to the use of sophisticated technologies with electronic pantographs and high precision numeric control machines. This turning point allowed greater rapidity and perfection in the processing of the components, in such a way that it extended their application from sofas and armchairs, to cupboard doors, beds, sofa-beds, various panels in the most varied woods, and decoration and design articles and objects.

Versatility and ability to understand the needs of our clients make MOBILANT a serious and reliable partner able to materialise any idea and invent targeted solutions.


Hi-Tech Carpentry

From design to realization, semi-finished wood products, furniture, furnishing complements.

Since 1977 MOBILANT has been operating in the Wood sector for Companies, realising semi-finished products for Sitting rooms, Sofas, and Armchairs, beds, components, design, using technogically advanced latest generation machines. Quality products realised with selected first quality materials.

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Wood pantographing is a precision process that allows you to create intricate details and complex shapes.

At our company, pantographing represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and advanced technology. Using state-of-the-art machinery and an experienced team, we transform wood into detailed, personalized works of art. The precision of the pantographing translates into unique pieces, with sophisticated workmanship, suitable to satisfy the most specific needs of our customers. Whether you're looking for intricate details or bespoke shapes, our pantographing capability stands out for its quality and attention to detail. Trust us to transform wood into extraordinary creations through pantographing.


Wood shaping is an art that transforms raw material into surprising and functional shapes. For MOBILANT, shaping is a passion that translates into extraordinary results.

Thanks to our experience and cutting-edge technologies, we shape wood with millimeter precision, creating unique and customized shapes that perfectly adapt to the needs of our customers. From classic to avant-garde, our shaping capabilities span a wide range of styles and designs. Trust our craftsmanship to transform wood into works that capture the imagination and satisfy every requirement. Discover how our shaping can bring your most creative ideas to life and turn them into tangible reality


Wood drilling is an art that requires precision and expertise. MOBILANT carries out this practice with mastery, using cutting-edge technologies and artisanal know-how to create flawless and precise holes in wood.

Whether you need standard drillings or more complex designs, our experience allows us to satisfy every request. We offer tailor-made solutions for each project, guaranteeing impeccable and long-lasting results. Trust us to obtain precise and impeccable drillings, which will transform your wood into functional and fascinating works.


Wood milling is the art of shaping and sculpting wood with precision and creativity.
For MOBILANT milling is one of our specialties.

We use cutting-edge technology and artisanal skills to create bespoke carvings, grooves and shapes that transform wood into works of art. Our experience allows us to tackle milling challenges of any complexity, ensuring flawless and detailed results. Whether you're looking for traditional millwork or innovative designs, we're ready to turn your ideas into tangible reality. Trust our craftsmanship for high-quality millwork that will give wood a new dimension of beauty and functionality.


Squaring wood is essential to ensuring precision and perfection in woodworking projects. For MOBILANT squaring is a focal point of its activity.

We use precise methodologies and state-of-the-art equipment to achieve perfectly perpendicular cuts and precise angles in wood. Our expert craftsmanship and dedication to quality allow us to provide squared wood pieces with millimeter precision, essential to ensure strength and precision in every project. Whether you need squared materials for construction or carpentry work, our squaring capacity adapts to every need, offering high-quality and long-lasting results. Trust our expertise to source wood materials squared with impeccable precision for your most challenging projects.

3D machining

We use the latest generation software for heterogeneous processes on different types of surfaces: flat, curved and inclined. Our machines are able to cut multiple panels at the same time, up to a thickness of 60mm.

Traceability of raw materials

Knowing which batches of raw material a semi-finished product was built with is one of the principles on which production control is based and allows the quality of supplies to be determined by relating them to the problems that emerged during quality control. The very short production times that we are able to offer can only be guaranteed by correct planning of warehouse stocks.

MOBILANT manages production needs to deliver within the times required by its customers.



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