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Sofa and Armchair Kits

Semi-finished products Cutting

Our machine can cut more panels at the same time, up to a maximum thickness of 60mm

Traceability of the Raw Materials Used for the Job Order
Knowing with which batches of raw materials a semi-finished product has been built is one of the
principles on which the production control is based and allows determining the quality of the
supplies relating these to the problems emerged during quality check.

Raw Materials
The very short production times that we offer can be guaranteed only through correct programming
of the warehouse stocks. MobilAnt manages the production needs in the required times of its

mobil ant

Semi-finished Wood Products

MobilAnt quality is ensured by the ten year experience in the Processing of Wood with Numeric
Control Machines. The materials used are of the highest quality, processed through latest generation equipment with 3D Software able to satisfy all the client’s needs. The wood is processed, thanks to machines that can move the 3 axis in space at the same time. We work on large quantities, offering a fast and reliable service, proposing, when explicitly requested, also the design of the single element.

mobil ant

Numeric Control Technology

The Numeric Control Technology uses machinery whose movement during processing is guided
by electronic devices integrated in the same machine with Software that controls its movements on
the axes and functions according to a well defined design.

Thanks to this innovative technology, MobilAnt can realise ONLY FOR COMPANIES the most
wide-ranging processings and create furniture and furnishing accessories such as: kitchens,
bedrooms, living rooms,  bathrooms, fitting of shops, etc…

Flat, Curved, and Inclined surfaces are processed, realising according to the requests
pantographing, shaping, drilling, milling, squaring, etc..

The quality of our products is guaranteed by a prestigious and famous brand, known throughout the
national territory.

MobilAnt – Wood semi-finished with numeric control technology – 3-Axes Pantographs for wood processing

CN Processing

3-Axes Pantographs for 2D and 3D processing on wood, able to cut, mill, carve, square, sand, shape, and drill curved and inclined surfaces.

Innovation and Security

Programming through 3D Software for the realisation of any residential, industrial or company furniture or furnishing accessory. The machines are also equipped with photocells to ensure, during the work process, maximum safety for the workers.

Furniture and Furnishing Accessories

MobilAnt realises for companies any furniture or furnishing accessory requested: Kitchens, Wardrobes, Children Bedrooms, Bedrooms, Living rooms, bathroom furniture, Custom Made Furniture, Furnishing Accessories, Custom Made Bookshelves, Tables, Custom Made Wood Stairs, Main Doors, Doors, Windows, etc... Free Quotes!

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