Company Profile

Since the end of the '800s the Ballati family has always been working with wood. The passion for this material has been handed down for 4 generations! From the ancient traditions they have passed to the use of sophisticated technologies with electronic pantographs and high precision numeric control machines. This turning point allowed greater rapidity and perfection in the processing of the components, in such a way that it extended their application from sofas and armchairs, to cupboard doors, beds, sofa-beds, various panels in the most varied woods, and decoration and design articles and objects.

Versatility and ability to understand the needs of our clients make MOBILANT a serious and reliable partner able to materialise any idea and invent targeted solutions.


Hi-Tech Carpentry

From design to realization, semi-finished wood products, furniture, furnishing complements.

Since 1977 MOBILANT has been operating in the Wood sector for Companies, realising semi-finished products for Sitting rooms, Sofas, and Armchairs, beds, components, design, using technogically advanced latest generation machines. Quality products realised with selected first quality materials. Thanks to our machinery we can carry out the following works:

3D Machining

We use 3D Softwares for heterogeneous processings on different surface typologies: flat, curved, and inclined. Our machinery can cut more panels at the same time up to a thickness of 60mm.

Traceability of raw materials

Knowing which lots of raw material were used when building a semi-finished product is one of the principles underlying the control of production and allows to determine the goodness of supplies by relating these to the problems emerged to quality control. The very short production times that we offer can be guaranteed only through correct programming of the warehouse stocks. MOBILANT manages the production needs in the required times of its clientele.